Control mechanism of press as an Analysis

Control mechanism of press as an Analysis

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Control mechanism of press as an Analysis Framework of Media Policy: a discretionary practice and its transformation in Mexico

Pacheco Rosas Juan Carlos



This paper is about the press-state relationship in Mexico, through media policy based on control mechanism of the press, from a methodological perspective of the case study and theoretical documentary analysis, which allows to detect these control mechanisms and compare how they have been changing over time. It ́s based on the hypothesis that the development of democratic legal mechanisms, as well as the emergence of new informationtechnologies, promoted the evolution of the ways of governing and, therefore, the functioning of the media, which caused a transformation in these mechanisms that minimized control and gave way to greater informative freedom through media policy. The objective is to analyze how this situation has been in the particular case of Mexico and, thus, to verify if this type of control mechanism functions as a framework of analyses for the exercise of media policy in other territories of the world.

Keywords: mass media; political communication; political science; policy; press.

humanities conference

Pacheco Rosas Juan Carlos

Autonomous Metropolitan University/Campus Iztapalapa, Mexico

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