Turkish Women Artists from Feminist Perspective

Turkish Women Artists from Feminist Perspective

Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Social Sciences

Year: 2019


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Turkish Women Artists from Feminist Perspective

Hatice Kubra Kuzucanli



Women from the 18th century; their struggle for equal rights and freedoms against inequalities in many fields such as social, political, legal, and their roles in the society has revealed the concept of feminism. Feminism is an approach that struggles for the legitimate rights of women who are fundamentally opposed to gender discrimination. The artist, who is a part of his society, experiences a process of self -understanding in his relationship with himself and all others except himself. Women artists, inparticular, developed a womenspecific approach by rejecting the roles assigned to them by patriarchal thinking and rebelled against social institutions and examined the structure of male-dominated society. Turkey is also similar stance in the title of feminist art can be examined in the context of women artists. The image of women, which is in a social categorization in terms of being the object and subject of art, has been changed by the artists who have feminist point of view as the person who created her own image. The woman who became an “art object, became a woman as an“artist”.With this work, with feminist identity in Turkey, selected from the works of the artists explored window Turkish women, especially representing over gender roles will be discussed.

Keywords: Feminism, Feminist Art, Women Artists in Turkey.

humanities conference

Hatice Kubra Kuzucanli

Harran University

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